Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Sky is Falling

For our first Halloween Nora dressed as a little chicken. I picked the chicken outfit for 4 reasons, 1) he has a damn fine Chicken mask that has been used on many Halloweens the past 15 years, 2) my fantasy football team is named The Gerneral Tso's Chickens, 3) it had no tail so she could fit in a car seat, and 4) it was not pink. The first time she tried it on Nora wasn't so happy with it as you can see.

However, once she got used to it she seemed to like it. She wore her outfit to daycare and then to see Grandpa. Nora is obviously too young for candy so Mom and Dad helped out by taking some from Grandpa while he was distracted by the chicken.

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mpburton said...

Chicken! How wonderful!

For Verl's first birthday (Born Oct 7th) we dressed him up as a pumpkin, with pretty much the same effect :

This year though, Darth Vader:

Having a kid is like eighty percent about being able to dress them up funny.