Sunday, October 28, 2007

Musings of a Proud Dad

If nothing else raising a child causes one to think about life. As I’ve watched other children in my life grow up I always focused on their physical development. I would notice them growing bigger, learning to walk, and watching them play (and swim). Seeing Eleanor start to recognize and really react to us it really occurred to me the vast amount of development that happens in the first few years of life and as she becomes an adult in society. I guess the totality of what Wendy and I get to witness has become apparent the last few weeks.

As Eleanor grows up she will not only learn to walk, talk, write, etc, but she will also develop a consciousness of her own. She will ask all the big questions about why we are here and her place in the world. Nora will have a chance to look at the stars in wonder. She will be able to question the existence of god(s) and come to her own conclusion if we are alone. She will form opinions about everything from art and music to politics. For a geeky sociologist to be able to observe her proceed in all areas of life is an amazing privilege. To realize that I have a prominent role in the development of her self is truly humbling. I guess I’m saying I like this dad gig.


hoverFrog said...

"If nothing else raising a child causes one to think about life"
You can say that again.

Being a dad is great. Congratulations.

Paul said...

It must be amazing to watch up close. I had a neighbor/friend who had a baby. We got together every few to several months, and in those early years it was almost like each time we got together I was seeing a completely new child.

HappyNat said...

Thanks hoverfrog! It has been a blast so far.

Paul, it really is amazing. It seems like everyday she makes a new noise and/or makes a new movement. It is still tough for me to believe she is going to be a real person someday.