Wednesday, January 16, 2008

6 Months and 2 Years

Yesterday Nora turned 6 months old. It is amazing how fast it has gone, but all parents say that don't they? She is more fun everyday and is so cute it is regoddamndiculous. This past weekend she really laughed for the first time. Instead of her normal excited squeal she had a steady stream of hee-hees that had the Happynatress and me in tears. It was so cute we broke down and got a video camera, not we just need to figure out how to work the camera.

The 18th will be two years since Mom died from brain cancer. I had almost a year to deal with the loss of Mom before we knew Nora was on her way. I remember thinking how happy she would have been for us and I know she would have been a great grandmother, as I got to see her with my niece and nephew as they grew up. I suppose I will always feel a bit sad that I waited to have a child as long as I did and that Nora will never get to meet her grandmother.

I think of Mom quite often as I interact with Eleanor as I find myself using the same phrases and playing the same games. As I was growing up she taught me to think for myself and to not be afraid to challenge the status quo, even when she was the status quo. Although we butted heads at times one of her main concerns was that I had thought out my position. When we disagreed she would listen to my reasoning and if not except it, she would respect it as my conclusion. I hope to raise my daughter to be an independent thinker as this is one thing I will always have from Mom.

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StaticZep said...

As a natural born Buckeye and atheist, I found your blog just browsing my way through this vast Internet. I haven't spent much time thinking about atheism since probably a couple years ago when I started my own blog "Indy Infidel" ( However, I have twins on the way here in a couple months. And some of my relatives (namely in-laws) are hardcore Catholics. Therefore, I have the interesting task of protecting my children from ridiculous religious dogma.

Long story short -- you beat me to the punch of dedicating a blog to raising your baby as an atheist. I commend you for doing so.

I was born in conservative town USA -- West Chester, Ohio, and now I live in "just as conservative town" -- Hamilton County (reddest county in Indiana). I am the minority as far as lack of beliefs here.

I am going to start another blog for my twins using the same theme. I am very interested in keeping up to date on yours for advice, support, and peace of mind.

Keep on posting!